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These values guide us in our daily choices:
We promote safety at work through strict compliance with the laws and promotion of responsible behaviour.
• We choose carefully selected and controlled raw materials, equipped with the necessary safety documentation.
• We minimise the waste of resources by optimising production processes, regenerating our business waste and creating new technical and environmentally sustainable compounds.
• The customer is central to all our processes, products and services.
• We are investing more and more resources to meet the increasing market demand.

In addition, we share the timeless opinion of
Luigi Einaudi (former President of the Italian Republic from 1948 to 1955)

"... Thousands, millions of people work, produce and save despite all that we can invent to bother, and discourage them. It is the natural vocation that drives them, not only the thirst for money. The taste, the pride of seeing your business prosper, gain credit, inspire trust in ever wider clientele, expand facilities, improve their workplaces, are a spring progress as powerful as the gain.
If not, it would explain why there are entrepreneurs who lavish in their company all their energies and invest all their capital to make profits often far more modest than those that could safely and comfortably obtain with other applications. "
Luigi Einaudi