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In order to offer a constant quality, Plastinord has equipped a lab where incoming materials are analysed and checked and their chemical and physical features are singled out.
By means of this research the firm is able to work out high-grade products with particular technical applications that can be implemented through a strict and effective co-operation between research laboratory and direct consumer.
New compounds on a customer scale lead to experimental production and to a strict inspection of the chemical and physical features obtained. At this point only, it is possible to enter the industrial production, granted by an accurate quality control during the whole production cycle by means of modern process and lab tests.
Our laboratory is equipped to perform all standard acceptance tests.
Laboratory facilities:
 • Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC)analysis and expertise for thermal characteristics determination of     polymers.
• Melt flow index tester enables determination of the melt mass flow rate , the  rheological properties of plastic.
• A dynamometer to determine Mechanical properties: Tensile yield strength , Ultimate elongation, Flexural stress at yeld , Flexural modulus .
• Notched Izod impact strength through a Pendulum tester
• An innovative HDT & Vicat thermo-mechanical tester using the Aluminum Oxide micrometer-sizedpowder heating system to determine the Heat Deflection Temperature (HDT) and the Vicat Softening Point (Vicat) for thermoplastic materials.
• Glow wire test in order to determine Fire behaviour and  Flammability rating (UL).
• Determination of Ash Content and humidity of polymers